RighT Guide – step-by-step method to guide NGO’s

the right guide

From 2008 till 2010, La Strada International participated in a project coordinated by Aim for human rights on Assessment of the human rights impact of anti-trafficking measures. The product of the project was the RighTGuide.

Many anti-trafficking measures fail to sufficiently respect or protect the rights of trafficked persons and other groups affected by these measures. The RighT Guide helps NGOs to assess the human rights impact of anti-trafficking measures. This strengthens their advocacy for more effective, rights-based policies against trafficking. This new human rights impact assessment tool was launched on 9 December 2010.

This tool presents a step-by-step method that helps NGOs and other civil society groups to assess the intended and unintended effects, both negative and positive, of anti-trafficking laws and measures on the rights of affected groups. The policy and its impact are measured against the human rights obligations of a State. NGOs can then use the evidence-based outcomes to advocate law or policy reforms that respect human rights of all persons.