Protecting Asian Trafficking Victims in Europe

men sitting on floor surrounded by plastic bottles

La Strada International started the project ‘Cross-Continent Collaborations to Protect Asian Trafficking Victims in Europe’ in January of 2021, a project linked with a larger programme coordinated by Liberty Shared and the Remedy Project, which aims to strengthen access to legal aid, strategic litigation and protection services for Asian victims trafficked in Europe. Recently, Central and Eastern European governments’ efforts to access cheap labour, focus primarily on recruitment of workers of the former Soviet Union, as well as South East Asian countries such as Philippines and Vietnam, which will be the target countries for the project. 

With support of Liberty Shared/Remedy Project’s expertise and experience, La Strada International will coordinate project activities in Poland, Romania and the Czech Republic, to be implemented by LSI members in these countries; La Strada Czech Republic, La Strada Poland and Adpare. Activities will focus on reviewing relevant legal frameworks and jurisprudence and identification of practical challenges in legal formulation and its interpretation, next to networking and engaging other stakeholders to raise further awareness on these issues. In addition, the promotion of cooperation and exchange among NGOs in Europe, that work with and assist trafficked or exploited Asian migrants will be promoted. In 2020 several other LSI members and GAATW will start projects related to human trafficking of Asians to Europe.