International E-notes project for permanent monitoring

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The E-notes project (European NGOs Observatory on Trafficking, Exploitation and Slavery) was set up to establish a Europe-wide permanent monitoring mechanism (Observatory) and a comparable reporting mechanism implemented by the NGOs community and network on measures against trafficking, exploitation and slavery in Europe in order to enhance and support public institutions’ policy in the field of protection and assistance of trafficked persons. The E- notes project developed a shared and comparable methodology for NGOs to monitor and report on the efficiency and the effectiveness of the anti-trafficking legislation and work that is daily carried out by governments, NGOs and other actors in the field. The E-notes tool focusses on the implementation of the measures for protection and assistance for trafficked persons.

In 2010, researchers from NGOs in the 27 EU countries used the research protocol to investigate their countries’ efforts on implementing the European legislation resulting in the first report on the implementation of anti-trafficking policies and interventions from a human rights perspective.