DemandAT – Demand-side measures Against Trafficking

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From 2014 – 2017 La Strada International was part of an international consortium, coordinated by ICMPD that researches the demand-side measures against trafficking.

The DemandAT project investigated different approaches to addressing and reducing demand through anti-trafficking efforts and policies. The project addressed the challenge of understanding what demand is in the context of trafficking in human beings (THB) conceptually, theoretically and empirically. It drew on related policy areas to investigate the scope of demand-side measures to reduce demand for THB. While much of the literature to date analyses the vulnerability of (potential) ‘victims’ of THB, a demand-side analysis has the potential to re-centre attention onto those benefitting from THB, and therefore presumably bearing a degree of responsibility for it. The research and findings enable questioning of how the structure and regulation of particular markets allows for high levels of exploitation and, at the extreme, trafficking in human beings.

cover Demand side anti-trafficking current measures and ways forward  Read the policy brief: The Demand-Side in Anti-Trafficking: Current measures and ways forward

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