VATRA joins La Strada International Platform


In September, the Psycho – Social Centre VATRA joined La Strada International as an associate member. VATRA, is an organization established in 1999 in Albania and has for long cooperated with several LSI members. The LSI Platform now comprises 30 members in 24 European countries.

In 2001 Vatra established the first shelter in Albania for victims of human trafficking, and provides rehabilitation and reintegration services for the social and economic empowerment of this target group including vocational training, on the job trainings, mediation for employment, support for establishing micro-business  etc. The organisation works further on awareness raising, lobby and advocacy, the provision of legal support and capacity building. VATRA is member of the National Referral mechanism (NRM) and a member of the National Coalition of Anti-trafficking Shelters.

The organisation runs various projects related to the identification, direct support and social and economic empowerment of trafficked persons, capacity building for local institutions, as well as a project to fight Gender Based Violence in Albania.