UN Experts’ Backing to Decriminalize Sex Work welcomed

The paper ‘Eliminating discrimination against sex workers and securing their human rights’ by the United Nations Working Group on Discrimination Against Women and Girls which was published earlier this year brings major progress in the debate on sex workers’ rights issues. It advocates for the full decriminalization of adult voluntary sex work, with the goal of strengthening women’s physical autonomy and sexual/reproductive health. The paper does not deny injustices that occur in sex work but focuses on a rights-based approach by showing how punitive laws and policies increase the risk of violence and abuse of sex workers. Unlike many other papers on the topic by anti-sex work groups, which apply sensationalist claims about the topic, this paper is grounded in evidence-based research and also includes information gained during consultancy with sex workers all over the world. A recently published article welcomes this UN Experts’ Backing to Decriminalize the Industry, read the full article here.