Theresa Mays’ Legacy Lives on in Oppressive Policy Structures

Earlier this month, Theresa May, former prime minister of the UK, announced her resignation as MP in the next general election. Many people shared funny videos of her and published tributes to her, praising her work and impact on the UK during her time as a politician.

However, May contributed to an overall hostile climate towards migrants in the UK, something which almost no one remembers now that she is stepping down. In 1998 the Overseas Domestic Workers Visa was introduced, which allowed migrant workers to switch employers, settle, and apply for family members to settle in the UK as well. May decided to alter the rules in 2012, making it highly difficult for migrant workers to switch to a new employer, even in the case of abusive working conditions. If they switched, their visa was no longer renewable, a rule that also applied to migrant workers escaping abuse. This left many immigrants trapped in abusive and illicit working conditions.
Even though Theresa May is stepping down as MP, her legacy lives on in the form of policy structures that she built, which will continue their oppressive course. In her time as prime minister, May also put forward the UK Modern Slavery Act. However, we should always remember that she actively championed and put in place policies that continue to drive people into exploitation and gifted exploiters the means to coerce them.