The staff of FIZ Switzerland join feminist strike

FIZ team joins strike

On 14 June, the staff of LSI member FIZ joined the Switzerland-wide feminist strike. In the morning, they organised a brunch for the team and several current and former clients (survivors of trafficking, sex workers, victims of domestic violence, migrant women, and others). In the afternoon, they visited women who were not able to strike at their workplaces – in grocery stores, retirement homes, child daycare facilities, nail salons, etc. – and brought them ice cream and ice coffee during their break. In the evening, they joined the public demonstration in Zurich, which was attended by more than 90,000 people.


Feminist strike

The Swiss feminist strike marks the day when, in 1981, voters approved a constitutional amendment that guaranteed equality between women and men. The first strike took place ten years later, on 14 June 1991. Since 2019, the strike is organised every year, with demands for paid care work, feminist migration policies, effective measures to combat gender-based violence and racism, longer parental leave, and more.