UN Review Mechanism process not very transparent

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In December 2021, the 2nd group of the first round of the review mechanism to the UN Palermo Convention started and new countries are now to be reviewed. La Strada International and its members are trying to monitor the progress, but note that the process is not very transparent and states are either reluctant to provide more information, or ignorant about the process and their responsibilities. Also the UN review process seems to face severe delays.

After first 15 European countries were reviewed for Group I, now another 15 European countries have been added to be reviewed as part of Group II. See country pairings review overview. Each State party under review shall provide a response to the self-assessment questionnaire. According an recent update by UNODC on the status of the review, so far out of the 62 country reviews of group 1, only 8 preliminary consultations; 11 written feedback and 5 self-assessment questionnaires and 5 observation lists have been submitted.

La Strada International promotes civil society engagement and together with GAATW, the Platform has launched a short guidance for NGOs. Among others NGOs can provide input by submiting questionnaires. These are available on the  UNTOC page of GI-TOC website.