Postcare project – Posting of third-country nationals in care services


From March 2021 until August 2022, La Strada International was partner in the project Postcare.  This 18 months project focussed on research related to the posting of third-country nationals in European care services. La Strada International, involving CoMensha our member organisation in the Netherlands, conducted research on posted care workers and their position in the Netherlands.

Funded by the European Commission and coordinated by the Italian trade union association  CONFSAL, the project was implemented by an international consortium of trade unions, universities and research institutes and expert organisations in 8 European countries; Italy, Spain, Serbia, Slovenia, Poland, Germany, Greece and the Netherlands.

Now a follow up project has been launched in October ‘POSTCARE 2.0: Informing the Care Services Workers on Posting Rules’ which aims to inform and raise awareness among posted care workers about their rights and among employers on how they should use the EU posted workers directive to prevent exploitation and abuse. In 2023 La Strada International will develop and launch an online information portal and related tools about posting and posted care work, next to organise trainings and develop information materials.

For this follow up project, the project consortium includes La Strada International, the employers’ organization (FPP) in Poland, the Labour Mobility Initiative (LMI) in Poland as well as trade unions; CSIT-UP in Spain, Solidarumas in Lithuania and SZZSZ in Serbia, next to the university UTH and the NGO InnoVED, both based in Greece.