Postcare project – Posting of third-country nationals in care services


On 11th of May, the project Postcare was formally launched during an online kick off meeting. This 18 months project, which started on March 1 this year, will focus on research related to the posting of third-country nationals in European care services. Funded by the European Commission and coordinated by the Italian trade union association  CONFSAL, the project will be implemented by an international consortium of trade unions, universities and research institutes and expert organisations in 8 European countries; Italy, Spain, Serbia, Slovenia, Poland, Germany, Greece and the Netherlands. Partners include La Strada International, the nationwide Convention of Employment Agencies (OKAP) in Poland, the Association for Home Care and Care in Germany and the Labour Mobility Initiative in Poland, which promotes exchange of knowledge on the posting of workers.

Results foreseen include improved awareness of employers, social partner organizations and public authorities on the implementation of EU law on posting of workers and on trends in posting of third-country nationals and their potential future repercussions. La Strada International, involving CoMensha our member organisation in the Netherlands, will in particular conduct research on posted care workers and their position in the Netherlands.