Schengen Agreement has been expanded

The Schengen Agreement has been extended. As of March 31, 2024 the internal and maritime border controls between Bulgaria and Romania will be lifted. Since their accession to the EU, Bulgaria and Romania have implemented several aspects of the Schengen legal framework. This includes adhering to stringent external border controls, enhancing police cooperation, and integrating into the Schengen Information System.

The recent decision by the EU Council is a pivotal step towards fully integrating both countries into the Schengen area, with the aim to remove internal border controls.

Legal and safe migration routes play an important part in combating human trafficking, therefore we welcome this change. However, without border checks, it becomes even more important that people who work in first responder jobs and the public are aware of the signs of human trafficking and can identify possible trafficking cases. Find more about identifying victims of human trafficking in this video by our member organization ProTukipiste.