New data report on human trafficking in Germany

On 18 October, EU Anti-Trafficking Day, LSI member KOK – German NGO Network against Trafficking in Human Beings published its fourth data report on trafficking and exploitation in Germany. The report is based on data provided by specialised counselling centres for trafficked persons. They documented 875 cases, of which 733 were used for data analysis.

In 2022, most trafficked persons came from West African countries. In 47% of all the cases, Germany was the place of exploitation. The authorities initiated preliminary proceedings in 35 % of the cases.

The data show to what extent trafficked persons in Germany have access to victims’ rights and protection. For example, for about 50%, their residence prospects are uncertain or have not yet been clarified. However, this is often a prerequisite for psychological stability and the assertion of their legal rights.

“The data collected by KOK proves the often challenging socio-economic and legal residence problems of trafficked persons. Sustainable and accessible support structures as well as a right of residence for trafficked persons independent of cooperation in criminal proceedings could significantly improve the situation for many trafficked persons,” emphasised Sophia Wirsching, executive director of the KOK.

Read the report: Data Collection in the context of Trafficking in Human Beings and Exploitation in Germany – KOK Report 2022.