New IOM – HEUNI Project to protect migrant workers in Europe

New collaboration between HEUNI and IOM

The European Institute for Crime Prevention and Control, affiliated with the United Nations (HEUNI) started a new project on trafficking for labour exploitation in cooperation with the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) Brussels Regional Office.

This project aims to conduct four regional mappings on sector-specific risks to migrant workers in European supply chain contexts. The mappings are part of the IOM led project “Sustaining and Scaling Private Sector Engagement to Protect Migrant Workers in Europe”. The focus sectors are agriculture, food processing, hospitality and manufacturing.

The aim of the mappings is to gain a deeper understanding of the risks, gaps and good practices related to protecting migrant workers and the role of both private and public sectors and should inform and support businesses in advancing the rights of migrant workers in a wider European context.

As a part of the project, HEUNI held an international online roundtable for practitioners and experts on 27 January 2022, in which La Strada International also participated. Discussions focused on the roles of the public and private sector in the protection of migrant workers in European supply chains, as well as barriers and best practices in migrant workers’ access to protection rights, justice and remedy.

Further online workshops are planned for April 2022. HEUNI is now collecting interesting case examples and good practices from the above-mentioned sectors. You can contact Anna-Greta Pekkarinen

See also the Labour Mobility and Ethical Recruitment website by IOM’s Regional Office in Brussels.