LSI Webinar on Situation of Civil Society in Ukraine

Webinar on Situation of Civil Society in Ukraine

To raise attention for the situation in Ukraine, La Strada International is organising a webinar with representatives of civil society actors in Ukraine. It is aimed to hear more about the support still provided to persons in very vulnerable conditions and what civil society and other actors in Europe can do to help civil society in Ukraine.

While many Ukrainians are trying to leave the country, civil society actors are still active in Ukraine to provide support were needed to those in need. La Strada Ukraine continues hotline consultations via social media channels, as far as internet connections allow this. They also join initiatives of other civil society actors, where possible. This webinar should shed more light on the situation and  provide more insight in what can be done to help civil society and the people in Ukraine, as well as to ensure safe ways and prevention of trafficking among those leaving the country.


  • Ms. Kateryna Levchenko – Commissioner for Gender Equality Policy and Vice Chair of the Gender Equality Commission of the Council of Europe
  • Ms. Kateryna Cherepakha – Director La Strada Ukraine
  • Ms. Olena Shevchenko – NGO Insight
  • Ms. Mariana Yevsyukova – Ukrainian Women’s Initiative in UAE
  • Ms. Natalia Karbowska – Ukrainian Women Fund
  • Ms. Martha Kebalo – World Federation of Ukrainian Women Organizations
  • Ms. Anastasia Nenka – Women’s Information Consultative Center
  • Ms. Maryna Marchenko – NGO Lada

Please join us for this webinar on: Monday March 7, 2022 15.00 CET 

You can participate via this zoom link

Meeting ID: 821 6586 2430
Passcode: 878301

Please note that due to the ongoing war and the current situation in the country, speakers might have to cancel or have to be replaced.