LSI & Victim Support Finland organise livestreamed seminar

LSI & Victim Support Finland organise livestreamed seminar on access to justice

On 21 June, La Strada International and its member organisation RIKU (Victim Support Finland) organised a seminar on access to justice for victims of human trafficking. The seminar focuses on methods to improve trafficking victims’ access to justice through complaint mechanisms, highlighting a case study from Finland, where an article focusing on challenges related to human trafficking investigations  led to a broad review process by the Finnish Deputy Chancellor of Justice. This resulted in a wide range of measures to improve current practices and internal review mechanisms. The article, “The Investigation is Closed” by journalist Paavo Teittinen, recently won the European Press Prize for investigative journalism.

Panellist included the journalist Paavo Teittinen, Mikko Puumalainen (Deputy Chancellor of Justice) and Venla Roth, Government Anti-Trafficking Coordinator of Finland and Suzanne Hoff, LSI’s International Coordinator Pia Marttila of RIKU moderated the event. Watch the YouTube livestream here.