LSI joins calls for the UN to address human rights violations in Belarus

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Belarus has been in the news the last few weeks for its brutal crackdowns on peaceful protests during the election process.
However, Belarus has also been under scrutiny by human rights organisations for its rampant and widespread violations of human rights abuses.

The recent protests saw a swift crackdown on peaceful protesters including the arbitrary detainment of 1,300 people from presidential candidates, human rights defenders, and journalists for using their right to freedom of peaceful assembly and expression to campaign. During this detainment, many were subject to torture and ill-treatment.

La Strada International has joined a myriad of civil society organisations sending a letter to the UN Human Rights Council requesting it take action.

The letter calls for:

  • the UN Human Rights Council to convene a special session;
  • adoption of a Resolution to monitor and report on human rights violations in the lead-up to the election;
  • immediate release of persons detained arbitrarily;
  • independent investigations into all allegations of human rights violations and abuses;
  • access to justice and redress for victims.