Second OSCE International Survivors of Trafficking Advisory Council

launch of second ISTAC

On 21 June, OSCE ODIHR held the official inauguration of the second cohort of the International Survivors of Trafficking Advisory Council (ISTAC). The Council consists of 21 prominent human trafficking survivors from across the OSCE region. It provides advice, guidance and recommendations to OSCE participating States on anti-trafficking legislation, policies, practices, and training.

LSI is pleased to see in the Council several people who were supported by our members: Zita Cabais (France), supported by CCEM, Marko Tamindžija (Bosnia and Herzegovina), supported by ASTRA, and Mariaam Bhatti (Ireland), supported by MRCI. We congratulate Zita, Marko, and Mariaam and we know that they will make important contributions to more effective anti-trafficking responses across the OSCE region.

At the same time, we note with concern that 8 out of 21 Council members are from the United States, while only 5 are from Eastern European and Central Asian countries. We hope that the Council’s work will reflect the diversity of contexts and experiences across the entire OSCE region.

LSI members have always supported trafficked persons to engage with policymakers and contribute to all aspects of anti-trafficking work. We wish the Council success and remain open to cooperating with the Council and ODIHR for the protection of trafficked persons’ rights.