Aavailable services for displaced persons from Ukraine in Moldova

La Strada Moldova

La Strada Moldova published its study report Mapping of services existing in Moldova for displaced people from Ukraine. Identification of risks of exploitation and human trafficking.

The study was carried out last fall within the project “Prevention and response to refugees’ vulnerability to abuse and exploitation in the Republic Moldova“.

The study – implemented by La Strada Moldova with financial support of War Child (Netherlands) -reveals that the Republic of Moldova hosts the highest amount of displaced persons per capita and more than 90 external organisations provide support to Moldovan authorities in overcoming the difficulties caused by the massive influx of displaced persons and the refugee crisis.

Nevertheless, the study identified a number of shortcomings in the protection of displaced people and trafficked persons. One of the main problems is the lack of a legal status of the displaced persons associated with one of the forms of protection for foreigners provided by the legislation of the country. Shortcomings in the national anti-trafficking response are systemic and are mainly related to the existing risk of transforming Moldova into a country of transit and destination for human trafficking.

La Strada Moldova hopes that the report’s recommendations will be used to develop a new policy document in the anti-trafficking field, which is planned for this year.