LSI statement – World day against Trafficking in Persons

Statement 30 july

Today highlights the importance of listening to and learning from the experiences of trafficked persons. La Strada International – European NGO Platform against trafficking in Human Beings  – acknowledges that trafficked persons themselves play a critical role in the development of effective policies and measures to prevent and combat human trafficking. Listening to and understanding the experiences of trafficked persons and incorporating their feedback into anti-trafficking initiatives has always been a core practice amongst many anti-trafficking NGOs, including our own members. 

The need to include the voices of trafficked persons in anti-trafficking initiatives has been increasingly  promoted by international organisations and other stakeholders working in the field, with an growing number of initiatives being established. However, trafficked persons’ contributions are not always integrated in a meaningful and non-stigmatisatizing manner, and instead often fall short in promoting their rights. Moreover, these initiatives sometimes appear to be employed in order to pacify and quell the critical views put forward by anti-trafficking NGOs. 

Reflecting on the enduring and vital need for victim-centred and human rights-centered approaches, La Strada International puts forward 7 actionable recommendations. Read full statement here.