New Irish regularisation scheme for undocumented people

After 11 years campaigning for a pathway to papers for undocumented people, Justice for the Undocumented (JFU) and MRCI have won! On 3 December, the Irish Government has officially announced the new regularisation scheme for undocumented persons.

According the information now available, the scheme will be open for applications in January and will remain open for 6 months. Those eligible to apply should be undocumented since 4 years or more, or 3 years or more if they have children in Ireland. People in the International Protection system who have been in the asylum process for a minimum of 2 years and those with an existing Deportation Order can also apply, should they meet the minimum undocumented residence requirement.

Applicants must meet standards regarding good character. Having convictions for minor offences will not, of itself, result in disqualification. Successful applicants will receive an immigration permission, access to the labour market and can begin a path to citizenship.

The application fee is €700 for families, it includes children up to 23 years old, living with their parent(s). The fee for individual applications is €550. People in the International Protection system are exempt of paying any fees.

You can find the Government’s Press Release here.

According to both organisations, the new scheme is life-changing for the thousands of undocumented children, families and workers who will now be able to live a full and free life in Ireland. In the coming period, efforts will be taken by the organisations to ensure that undocumented people have free and reliable information. They will also provide support to people to apply for the scheme.

MRCI welcomes donations to take up this work.