Innovative AI technology to support survivors of trafficking in the UK


RESTART (Reporting Experiences of Survivors to Analyse in Real-Time) a new UK-based project will use innovative AI technology to generate insights to better support survivors of trafficking through advising on policy recommendations to the UK government to improve support for survivors and the legal, health, welfare, and housing system in the country.  

RESTART will use AI technology, including natural language processing capabilities, to analyse statements made by survivors in real-time. The information will come from two sources: a pre-existing database of survivor testimonies and case notes held by the survivor support charity Causeway; and a mobile app, into which survivors will input their insights on their well-being and support needs, including the type of provisions received through the National Referral Mechanism (NRM). 

The survivor testimonies will be analysed by a web-based application to find key patterns, trends and insights into survivors’ recovery and produce robust recommendations for policymakers. 

The project is a collaboration between Aberystwyth University, Causeway, Trilateral Research (TRI) and FiftyEight, which addresses modern slavery in business supply chains.