Improvements in Swiss Migrant and Immigration Law

The Swiss Parliament has recently adapted Article 50 (Migrant- and Immigration law/AIG50). The article governs residency of people who went to Switzerland by the mean of family reunion, and later on separate from their spouse. The old AIG50’s wording led to many immigrant women staying with their partners, as a divorce could cost them their residency. Swiss CSOs, including our member FIZ, have advocated for an adaption of the article for years. This month, the parliament approved the demand that reports of victim rights organisations should be considered when deciding over the affected persons residency.
Even though this development is promising, demands to increase the time that affected people get to fulfill integration criteria (e.g. finding a job or learning the language) has not been increased. Our member FIZ criticizes this decision, stating that affected people are often socially isolated and traumatized.