Improved labour conditions in the garment industry

This month, the Dutch government supported calls from STITCH, a group of organisations, calling for improved labour conditions in the garment industry.

This support manifests as a new collaborative multi-year project in the country, aimed at promoting workers’ rights for those in key garment manufacturing nations where wage concerns and accusations of harassment are rife.

STITCH will foster collaboration with key actors in the garment supply chain, like European garment brands and trade unions to advocate for higher wages and workplaces free from harassment.  STITCH also calls for responsible business conduct and for garment brands and factories to be held accountable for their behaviour.

For many years STITCH, led by Fair Wear and made up of six organisation, the British Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI), the Center for Development and Integration in Vietnam (CDI), labour organisation Cividep India and Dutch trade unions CNV Internationaal and Mondiaal FNV.

It’s hoped the Netherlands’ Ministry and brands can play their part in bringing about “an industry in which fair prices and decent wages are the norm.”