Greens recognises the role of civil society in EU elections manifesto

The European Green Party adopted its 2024 EU elections Common Manifesto and their priorities.  

The manifesto

The manifesto includes important statements related to the combating of human trafficking and labour exploitation and the protection of its victims including protection programmes and resident rights. A strong call is further made related to ending poverty and the promotion of democracy, fundamental rights and freedoms and peace. The Greens also speak out about the need to promote decent work in Europe, next to fair pay; mobility of workers across borders; the protection of social rights; access to the labour market and legal and accessible channels for migration.

 On civic space, civic dialogue, the manifesto states: “Democracy cannot flourish without a vibrant civic space and empowered civil society actors”.

We are happy to see that the necessity and work of the #CivilSocietyforEU is reflected in the Green Party manifesto and hope to see this appreciation for civic space across all EP political groups and national parties! To support this, please signthe pledge from #CivilSocietyforEU here: