GAATW publishes new ATR issue on Trafficking in Minors

Anti-Trafficking Review (ATR)

The Global Alliance against Traffic in Women, published a new issue of their Anti-Trafficking Review (ATR). The ATR is an open access, peer reviewed journal dedicated to the issue of human trafficking and explores trafficking in its broader context and intersections with gender, labour, and migration. The Review offers an outlet and space for dialogue between academics, practitioners and advocates seeking to communicate new ideas and findings to those working for and with trafficked persons.

Each issue relates to an emerging or overlooked theme in the field of human trafficking.  The theme of this new issue, is ‘Trafficking in Minors’. Contributors examine the phenomenon in different contexts and from a number of perspectives and focus among others on campaigns targeting minors, a media analysis of trafficking of minors, the issue of exploitation of minors in criminal activities and the intersections between commercial gestational surrogacy, the sale of children, and child trafficking. Taken together, the articles in this special Issue show that trafficking in minors, child labour, and related phenomena, cannot be seen in isolation from larger socio-economic and political developments related to access to education, healthcare, decent work and social protections, or discrimination based on race, gender, ethnicity, class, caste, and others. To be truly successful, anti-trafficking interventions need to focus on these root causes rather than simply criminalisation and rescue interventions. View the new issue at