EU must provide solutions for people displaced from Ukraine

Temporary protection for people who were displaced from Ukraine is set to expire by 4 March 2025, exactly one year from today. People who had to leave Ukraine are therefore currently left with the feeling of an uncertain future with protection running out next year.  If temporary protection ends without a collective European response, access to their rights may vary drastically across EU Member States.

Without a common European approach, millions of people that fled Ukraine risk becoming undocumented and losing access to rights, protection and other essential services. National authorities will likely be overwhelmed, and much of the inclusion work of governments, municipalities, NGOs and volunteers risks being undone.

La Strada International, together with over 130 other Civil Society Organisations is calling on the EU to propose future-proof and coordinated options for displaced people from Ukraine in order to ensure an organised transition out of temporary protection. Read the full statement here.