EU appoints acting Head for Anti-Trafficking Coordination

The mandate of the EU Anti-Trafficking Coordinator (ATC) finished on 29 February 2020. La Strada International had sent letters to DG Migration and Home Affairs asking for more information from the European Commission about the follow up to this mandate calling for a transparent procedure. While there is no news yet about a possible appointment procedure, the European Commission informed on March 10, that Mr Olivier Onidi, Deputy Director-General of DG Migration and Home Affairs will be the acting EU ATC.

Mr. Onidi has been working on issues covering migration, fighting terrorism and border control. This year, the office of the EU ATC should work on the development of a new EU Strategy for THB, which was announced to be developed in the 4th quarter of 2020. Furthermore, the ATC office plans to publish a Third Progress Report. By the end of April, civil society organisations will receive a request for contributions to this report.