Deal on EU Migration and Asylum Pact confirmed by Council

EU member states’ representatives greenlighted the deal on EU’s Migration and Asylum Pact. The deal comprises a pact of five key laws which will reform the EU’s asylum and migration system.

The five laws of the pact touch upon all stages of asylum and migration management. Measures to track irregular movement and strengthen control at external borders will be extended. The new rules also include a mandatory border procedure that aims at the quick assessment of whether asylum applications are unfounded or inadmissible. The new regulations will replace the current Dublin regulation.

La Strada International is concerned that the Pact has a strong focus on the detention and return of migrants, instead of promoting legal migration routes and attention towards the risks which migrants face. Even though the EU seems to tolerate a lot of exploitation of migrant workers, through misconduct of – and absence of stricter rules for – recruitment agencies they are very strict with migration. We believe that better solutions could be found by improving safe migration routes and protection of migrants. For more information see here.