Civil society position on EU VAW Directive

Twelve civil society organisations and networks, including LSI, published a joint position on the proposed EU Violence against Women Directive. The organisations welcome the proposal and make ten recommendations for the inter-institutional negotiations in several areas. These include:

  • intersectional discrimination: to recognise sex and gender as grounds for violence against women and domestic violence. To pay special attention to certain groups, such as LBTIQ+ women, women sex workers, and undocumented women.
  • criminal offences: to include a consent-based definition of rape, as well as the offences of intersex genital mutilation, forced sterilisation, forced marriage, and sexual harassment in the workplace.
  • victim protection and access to justice: to introduce safe reporting mechanisms for victims and improve access to compensation.
  • victim support: to guarantee access to both general and specialist services for victims, including child victims. To guarantee access to comprehensive medical care including sexual and reproductive health.
  • prevention: to ensure widespread prevention measures, including comprehensive sexuality education.

Read the full position here.