Anti-Slavery briefing note: Leaving no-one behind

leaving no one behind

Anti-Slavery International has published its briefing note: Leaving no-one behind. The briefing note highlights the effect of Covid-19 on persons who are enslaved or vulnerable to slavery. One of the impacts of Covid-19 is the effect on the global economy and increasing widespread unemployment. This means that more people are at risk of exploitation including falling into forced labour and other forms of modern slavery.

The paper provides case-studies and examples as well as policy recommendations which are based on the rapid assessments conducted. The assessed negative impacts of Covid-19 are as follows according to the report:

  • Those in slavery are facing new and increasing risks and abuses
  • Economic disruption is increasing vulnerability to enforced labour of poor individuals and communities to slavery
  • Worsening discrimination
  • Increased risks for migrant workers
  • Anti-slavery efforts are being disrupted

It calls for an inclusive response to Covid-19 designed to specifically reach the 40 million people in slavery by providing immediate measures which focus on inclusion, protection and mitigation and the long-term measures focusing on building resilience, prevention and fostering the responsibility of businesses.

Download briefing note.