Commission communication on asylum and return in light of Covid19

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EU releases Communication on the implementation of EU provisions on asylum, return and resettlement in light of Covid-19

The Commission has recently published a set of guidelines on the implementation of relevant EU provisions in the area of asylum, return procedures and resettlement and COVID-19.

PICUM has noted that this communication is very concerning as it calls on the Member States to continue with returns:

‘Despite the temporary disruption caused by these necessary measures, work on return should continue, in particular by implementing those activities that can be carried out despite the restrictive measures (e.g. identification, re-documentation, enrolment in assisted voluntary return and reintegration programmes), to be ready for when return operations can be pursued. Return procedures should continue as far as possible and Member States should be ready, also with the support of Frontex, to resume return procedures and deal with the backlog when the disruption caused by the restrictive measures will be over.’

Read the full communication here.