Brief on the Impact of Covid-19 on Ukrainian Labour Migrants in the EU

Brief on the Impact of Covid-19 on Ukrainian Labour Migrants in the EU

ICMPD, the International Centre for Migration Policy Development has published a new policy brief on the Impact of COVID-19 on Ukrainian Labour Migrants in 4 European countries: the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Italy. The policy brief scrutinises the main effects of the coronavirus pandemic on Ukrainian labour migrants. Labour migrants from Ukraine form the largest group of foreign workers in the European Union (EU) and large populations are working in Poland, Italy, Czech Republic and Hungary.

Challenges faced by the migrants include unemployment and the loss of their livelihood because of the crisis, overstays, and difficulties with return when countries impose travel bans for foreigners. Meanwhile, the host country economies suffer from the lack of migrant farmworkers who are essential for the functioning of food supply chains.

The countries in focus address these issues with varying success. A number of best practices are suggested to improve the situation for Ukrainian migrant workers.

  • Online application procedures for work visas;
  • Provision of longer-term stay permits to find a new job;
  • Provision of adequate information in Ukrainian;
  • Delinking work visas from employers or work contracts.

    Read the policy brief: Policy_Brief_Minich_Kravchuk_EN