About us

Who is La Strada International?

La Strada International is a European NGO Platform against human trafficking, that works from a human rights perspective in support of trafficked persons. The platform aims to prevent human trafficking and to protect and realise trafficked persons’ rights. This is done by providing access to adequate assistance and support to victims, and via information and knowledge exchange, capacity building of NGOs and other stakeholders and cross-sectoral cooperation. Focus is on monitoring and advocacy for change to ensure accountability for the effective implementation of European Anti-Trafficking policies and regulations.


What does La Strada International do?

The International secretariat – based in Amsterdam The Netherlands – facilitates cooperation, capacity building and expertise sharing and provides support in setting standards and incorporating international developments into national actions. It coordinates (the development of) joint strategies and action and is responsible for international advocacy, representation and visibility to promote the work of the Platform and for building partnerships with relevant international stakeholders. The secretariat also works on monitoring, data collection and research and coordination of international projects.

1Coordination of the Platform

The International secretariat organises annual General Assembly and board meetings and facilitates other meetings, exchanges and capacity building for LSI members, other NGOs and relevant stakeholders. LSI also oversees joint strategies and actions at European level.

2Advocacy and representation

The International secretariat represents the platform at the international level, lobby for change in policy and advocate for a human rights approach to anti-trafficking action. LSI lobbies among others for adequate labour rights, safe migration policies and adequate assistance and support for victims of trafficking.

3Data collection and research

La Strada International works on data collection and research to build further knowledge on the issue of human trafficking. The secretariat manages an online documentation centre with over 1,700 downloadable background documents.

4Projects and Campaigns

LSI also engages in independent projects, either as the initiating party or as a partner. Next to projects involving La Strada International member organisations, LSI is also involved in projects with non-La Strada partners and other relevant stakeholders and actors.

5Monthly Newsletter

La Strada International publishes a monthly newsletter with updates, news, opinions from La Strada International members and international developments in the field of human trafficking and migration.